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Ayurveda makes you acquainted to the natural rhythm of your body, thereby balancing your life so that you remain free from the complications of your health conditions. Unfortunately, not all Ayurvedic centers offer you the genuine Ayurvedic treatments and keeping this in mind, we came forward to extend our arms and unfold to you DJI Ayurveda.

At DJI Ayurveda, the Ayurvedic therapies are pure and have its roots to ancient India. Still, not shrouded with the mist of time, the Ayurvedic medicines and treatments offered here value your life and believe that your dosha is the result of the imbalance created in your life due to an unbalanced lifestyle and diet.

  • Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda

The quality of the Ayurvedic medicines available here is premium and that is why you experience immediate results when you choose our Ayurvedic medications.

The Ayurvedic Treatments and the medicines offered at DJI Ayurveda are not only of superior quality but are also available at an affordable price. You do not have to empty your valet when selecting our Ayurvedic services.

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Patient's Feedback

  • Indu Prakash
    Indu Prakash
  • Sweta singh
    Visited for Migraine treatment,suffered from 2 yrs,doctor diagnosed me first according to the ayurved,after 5days of treatment got relief,thank you doctor.
    Sweta singh
  • Abhishek jaiswar
    Abhishek jaiswar
  • Avanendra kumar
    Avanendra kumar
  • Sharwan k. verma
    Visited for the weight loss treatment and Diabetes,first month of treatment, losses 5 kg weight only with the medicine and some diet plan,sugar level in control no modern medicine, I was around 111 kg,after 6 month treatment this time I am around 98 kg,no weakness, feeling light.
    Sharwan k. verma
  • Vinay
    Visited for Skin disease/Psoriasis, suffering from since 20 yrs,after treatment from last 6 month no new lesion ,result coming.Detoxify body with the ayurvedic Virechan procedure,very effective treatment.
  • Prashant Pathak
    Doctor was gentle.less waiting time. Results have started coming
    Prashant Pathak
  • Ruchika Agrawal
    Doctor is so good . I am satisfied from his treatment.His explaintion is very good.I understand everything. Thanks to Doctor.
    Ruchika Agrawal
  • Abhishek
    Doctor is very friendly.his medicine gives instant relief from the problems.he waits no time while diagnosting
  •  Nitin Bansal
    His holistic knowledge about Ayurveda- the ancient healing science of India, educated me about my health shortcomings, habits that I readily corrected for a better and healthy living. He has had been very open in discussing his knowledge without any reservations, and very humble in sharing his own life experiences. May God bless him.
    Nitin Bansal
  •  Ritesh Sah
    Felt very relaxed and detoxed after the treatment.Not Sure about the long term benefits yet.
    Ritesh Sah
  •  Gulista
    Good experience. Doctor explain and guide the patient about each n everything of their disease and treatment.