AgniKarma Therapy

Ayurveda is highly effective in pain management and that is why most of the acute or chronic pains get resolved with Ayurvedic treatments. One of the most efficient Ayurvedic therapies that can give you amazing results in relieving your joint disorders is AgniKarma therapy.

What is AgniKarma Therapy?
AgniKarma therapy is one of those treatments in Ayurveda which is slightly invasive and includes para-surgical procedure. In this therapy, the affected area is given therapeutic and controlled burns and that is why this is a thermal procedure. If you have osteoarthritis or any kind of degenerative joint disorder, Spondylolysis, foot corns, musculoskeletal pain like ligament pain, muscle pain, joint pain, etc. then AgniKarma treatment is quite effective.

What is the procedure of AgniKarma Therapy?
An abnormal Vata Dosha leads to pain and AgniKarma therapy can relieve you from this pain eventually by mitigating its causative factor. The main instrument with the help of which this procedure is performed is known as Shalaka, which is a specially designed pointed metallic instrument that is used after heating to remove the main problem in the tenderest points. Firstly, the area is marked with a marker and then the procedure of AgniKarma is done where heat energy is transferred based on the Proton-neutron-electron theory.

What are the benefits of AgniKarma Therapy?
AgniKarma Therapy is quite beneficial and that is why many people seek its help, as it enhances the local blood circulation, stimulates regional nerves, improves tissue metabolism, lowers the effect of infection, reduces joint stiffness and relaxes your muscle. The most intriguing feature of this AgniKarma treatment is that it gives better results in curing diseases which can involve a stay in a hospital.

However, not all Ayurvedic practitioners can carry out the AgniKarma procedure as it is invasive and use heat treatment. Therefore, it is highly advisable to look for experienced and trained practitioners to carry the AgniKarma treatment with the help of Shalaka.