Udvartana Massage Therapy

You can find innumerable massage options available in the market but none can match the effectiveness of Ayurvedic Massage therapies. Udvartana Therapy is one of the ancient India massages, which offer you amazing results and this has led to its popularity all across the globe.

What is Udvartana?
Udvartana is an Ayurvedic massage that involves scrubbing of body scrubbing with “Ubtan”, which is a traditional Indian paste. Ubtan is prepared by mixing different types of natural herbs with grains. It can be used in the dry or liquid form and it will give therapeutic advantages to the people with Kapha Dosha.

This massage involves upward movement stroke unlike the conventional massage of Abhyanga that involves downwards massage movement, which is also known as “Pratiloma gati” in the Sanskrit language.

Udvartana therapy is best suited for those who are suffering from abdominal obesity, muscular weaknesses, diabetic neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, removing dead cells from your skin, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, motor neuron disorders, etc.

What is the procedure of Udvartana Massage?
To remove toxins from the body, Udvartana therapy is given and it benefits in improving the condition of people suffering from skeletal disorders and other muscular abnormalities.

This is of two types:

Snigadh or Sneha Udvartana
Snigadh Udvartana is an Ayurvedic massage given to you by mixing massage powder with medicated herbal oil or any other liquid and it helps in improving your complexion and enhances your skin texture. Many skin ailments get treated with the help of this Udvartana therapy.

Ruksha Udvartana
Ruksha Udvartana is the type of Udvartana massage which is done only with dry powders prepared by different herbs and then the powder is rubbed against the body in upward movement to reduce Kapha dosha of your body.

This Udvartana therapy is quite helpful in lowering the excess cellulite and fat from your skin and that is why in obese patients it is highly preferred.