Shirodhara: the therapy of relaxing your mind

Ayurveda offers you solutions to many of your physical problems that seem chronic and everlasting. That is why today Ayurvedic therapies have become so popular and one of the most-acclaimed therapy is Shirodhara.

The term Shirodhara comes from the Sanskrit language and is coined by amalgamating two terms- Shiro (Head) and Dhara (Flow).

What is Shirodhara Therapy?

Shirodhara is an old therapy used even in Vedic times to bring calmness and a feeling of relaxation to your mind by pouring medicated oil or medicated liquid on your forehead. During the Shirodhara treatment, you are asked to lie down flat on your back on a massage table with your eyes closed and head straight.

A copper bowl with Ayurvedic oil or any other liquid will be hung right above your forehead. Now, clean and soft cloth is placed over your eyebrows not only to prevent the entry of oil into your eyes but to make you feel relaxed. The eyes covered by cotton balls are dipped in cold rose water, which offers you amazing aroma to relax your brain.

After all this, the oil is poured gently and on the basis of your dosha, the Shirodhara therapy treatment is allowed given which usually lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.

Who are given Shirodhara treatment?

Shirodhara offers a sense of tranquility and so it is great for those who often complain about headaches, migraines or those who have nervous disorders, insomnia, hypertension, and other types of problems. Shirodhara helps in invigorating the mind of such patients and bring a feeling of serenity in the body.

So, rejuvenate your positive energy and purify your soul by embracing Ayurvedic treatments like Shirodhara and it will eliminate all the negativity from your mind and you will be able to improve your concentration in your work and life.

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