In Ayurveda, all the parts of your body are treated in a different way as this is the system of medicine which is based on the idea of bringing balance to the bodily systems. Shirovasti is also an Ayurvedic treatment that has been in practice since ancient times. It has proven results and that is why even today it stands relevant and nothing could challenge its supremacy.

What is Shirovasti?
Coined by bringing together two Sanskrit terms – Shiro (head) and Vasti (container), Shirovasti is like a reservoir on your head to strengthen your mind and prevent psychosomatic diseases. It not only relaxes your head but also rejuvenates each and every cell of your body, thereby enhancing your chances of fighting with mental pressure and tension effectively.

How is Shirovasti performed?
Shirovasti or Shirobasti is performed in 3 stages - Purva Karma, Pradhana Karma, and last but not the least Pushyat Karma.

In the first stage Purva karma, therapists diagnose you and select the medications that suit to your health condition. This stage also involves proper counseling of the patient as Shirovasti therapy requires a lot of patience. Now, the therapist prepares a leather or rexine cap for the treatment with respect to the dimension of your head. Then with the help of dough, the cap is fixed on the head in a comfortable way.

In the second stage Pradhana Karma, warm medicated oil is poured inside the cap which has been placed on your head till your scalp get completely covered up. The timing of the therapy varies from one person to another as it profusely depends on the condition of your problem.

In the last stage Pushyat karma, the oil is removed from and the Ayurvedic therapist will give you a gentle massage.

Shirovasti therapy is good for your brain, eyes, hair, etc. and so you must contact us to avail Shirovasti treatment package.