Leech Therapy

Ayurveda is "the science of life" that emerged in ancient India and since then it has been helpful in resolving the human health problems. Following the principle of "Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshana", Ayurvedic treatments ensure curing of the diseases, i.e. "Aaturasya Vikara Prakshamanam". Leech therapy is one such therapy which is offered by Ayurvedic Practitioner to determine well being of sick people.

What is Leech Therapy?
Also known as Raktamokshana therapy, Leech treatment helps in using leeches to suck the impure blood from your skin and leave the pure blood in your skin. This is one of the reasons why this therapy is also popularly known as blood purification therapy. Leeches, which are the worms that range from a half to ten inches in size and are usually brown or black in color, are used to suck your impure blood. This Ayurvedic therapy has been able to offer amazing results in patients suffering from dosha or diseases like psoriasis, Eczema, skin infections, swelling, pain disorders, etc.

What is the procedure of Leech Therapy?
As per Ayurveda, leeches suck impure blood in their first bite and when it sucks pure blood then the patient starts feeling the pain which is not there with the first bite of leech. Interestingly a leech can prevent gangrene while removing congested blood and allow normal circulation of blood to the tissues.

The Pradhana Karma (main procedure) of Leech Therapy involves the use of honey or pricking of a needle at the desired part of your body to allow the leeches get attached to the skin and suck the impure blood. Only an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner knows how many leeches are suitable for a patient of a particular dosha and for how many minutes.

So, choose the right place for Leech treatment if you want effective results.