Virechana Therapy

Ayurveda has been helping people all across the globe to live a healthy life and ensuring that they get ease from the diseases which are troubling them. Virechana Treatment is also one such way of determining the good health of an individual.

What is Virechana Therapy?
Virechana Karma or Virechana therapy is an Ayurvedic purgation treatment of removing Pitta toxins from your body. It is the second form of Panchakarma and helps people from Pitta dosha to bring their body system in the balance. This Purgation Therapy involves detoxification and purification of your digestive system problem and the patients are given purgative medicines to bring down the doshas. The main purpose is to remove Pitta toxins which are accumulated in your gallbladder and liver and Virechana treatment cleanses your gastrointestinal tract, thereby offering you solutions to your digestion problems.

What is the procedure of Virechana Therapy?
The first step of the procedure of Virechana Therapy includes Snehpana Karma (Oral intake of Medicated Ghee). Here the digestive power or the Agni of the patient is analyzed and then it is followed by Abhyanga, which is full body massage and swedana, which is a steam bath. After this, Virechaka herbs and medicines are given to the patient to consume in an empty stomach. Here the patient is observed until the motion becomes loose and watery.

What are the types of Virechana Karma?
There are broadly four types of Virechana Karma - Anulomana (the carminatives), Sansarjana (the laxatives), Bhedana (drastic purgatives), and Rechana (Purgatives).

What is Virechana Panchakarma?
Virechana is not prescribed to anyone but only to those who have a particular type of problem and the tolerance power of the patient. This particular karma is meant for people suffering from Alimentary canal problems like chronic constipation, worm infection, indigestion, etc.