Karna Purana

Ayurvedic therapies are vast and sometimes many people do not understand it but then these are not a year old treatments but more than 5000 years old. Karna Purana is also one such therapy which has been used to in ancient India.

What is Karna Purana?
The Sanskrit term Karna Purana is used for the Ayurvedic treatment of using warm oil into the ear canals. This is an ear cleaning therapy that offers you calmness with the imbalances caused during cold and windy weather by excess vata accumulation. Your ear is a physical place of your body where vata resides and so while traveling it gets imbalanced and with Karna Purana therapy you calm your Vata Dosha by bringing moistness and warmness in your ears.

When is Karna Purana therapy applied?
If you are having any type of itching in your ears, dryness, ear infections, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), tension in the neck and jaw, headaches, vertigo, congestion in ears due to wax or yeast overgrowth, etc. can be resolved or reduced with the help of Karna Purana therapy.

The warming, anti-microbial, nourishing, as well as moisturizing effects of the medicated oils used in Karna Purana, helps in removing your problems to a great extent. The oils used in this treatment offer antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic, and even calming properties to your ears and your body overall.

What is the procedure of Karna Purana?
Karna Purana is an old therapy that involves pouring of medicated oils in the ears. You can do it even by yourself at home but this demands precision and that is why it is advised to contact an Ayurvedic center that can diagnose and offer you herbal oil which can execute the Karna Purana treatment efficiently with effective results. So, opt for Karna Purana and you will remain free from any type of ear infection.