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Hello Guys, if you are looking for the Ayurved Panchkarma Center for Vamana karma in Lucknow, then you have landed at the correct destination. But before we proceed, you must know what is Vamana karma. Vamana is one of the five purification procedures of Panchakarma. It is the process of removing the vitiated Kapha Dosha from the body.

The motive of Vamana treatment:

  • Vamana treatment aims to expel the enlarged Kapha Dosha from the body.
  • When Kapha dosha increases, it causes some types of diseases – for example cold, cough etc.
  • If the amount of Kapha increase is less, some oral medications may be given to suppress it. But if it has grown substantially and if it has moved from its natural place to other places, it needs to be taken out of the body.
  • By taking it out, the disease is cured, often completely. Since Kapha is located in the chest area(above the Nabhi region), it is very easy to exclude it from the oral route. Therefore, Vamana treatment is designed.
  • To expel this, first, the Kapha dosha must be brought into the stomach (Amashayam) by force and from various organs, and then vomiting is induced.

Vamana karma in Ayurveda helps a lot in removing vitiated Kapha dosha, thus making you fit from several diseases.

Benefits of Vamana Treatment:

  • The Vitiated and aggressive Kapha Dosha is thrown out of the body, which cures the disease.
  • Increases digestion and metabolic power.
  • General health is restored.
  • The sense organs, mind, intellect and complexity become apparent and gain strength.
  • One gets strength, nutrition and immunity.
  • It enhances the possibility of fertility, virility and sexual power.
  • It helps to slow down the ageing process.
  • A person can stay healthy for a long time.

Indication for Vamana:

  • Skin diseases
  • Chronic rhinitis
  • Cough
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Insanity
  • Psoriasis
  • Heart disease
  • Irrelevant behaviour
  • Atrophic rhinitis
  • Obesity

Vamana is not only done in patients but can also be done in normal people to keep them healthy, especially in spring.  The location of Kapha is Urdhvabhaga (upper part) of the body, mainly Amashaya. Eliminating Dosha from the nearest route is a recruitment principle. It is also a fact that if any defect is eliminated from its root, the possibility of its recurrence is remote. Amasya Kapha is the main place of Dosha, if it is controlled by the process of Vamana Karma, then Kapa Dosha of all other parts are controlled.

Vamana’s place in total Panchakarma therapy is of fundamental importance. Vamana is not administered only to empty the contents of his chest, as in the treatment of bronchiectasis and stomach, like its contents, in terms of toxicity. But it is a measurement that is applied after the patient has been properly prepared with lubrication and Svedana. Before inducing Vamana therapy, the patient is required to make the metabolism fit by using lubrication and anguish to eliminate various types of endogenous toxins, which have accumulated in the upper body.

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